Stag hands are recognized for her visitors family and return/exchange guidelines

Stag hands are recognized for her visitors family and return/exchange guidelines

Customer Service

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Stag life are recognized for their clients family and return/exchange insurance. Empty services and products are came back within fifteen times of their own arrival. Besides, her support services team is on standby to reply to return needs.

Jointly owner on Reddit would be fast to indicate, a?Stagas firearms are a tiny bit improved [in expenses] than core15 however they provide undoubtedly top customer and guaranty. They can warrant the barrel with an a?infinitea shot promise which we realize is not possible so they are pretty a great deal claiming if you shoot out the rifling we shall give you a fresh barrel.

a?While stag body keepsnat started making comprehensive gun as long as additional major companies discover this info here they were delivering factory portion to several major employers reported to incorporate Colt, FN, and S&W in addition to plenty more!a?

As you can imagine, few people comes with the very same experience in a supplier and Stag weapon is not any exclusion. Someplace else on Reddit, a person experienced this to say about his or her enjoy buying from Stag: a?I put an order with Stag life over 2 months in the past, the order is still listed (on stagas page) as, a?awaiting fulfillment.a

a?I recognize Stag has already established some internal troubles and Iam starting to wonder if the business will turn off and keep my favorite moneyaI used her, a?contact usa portal online and grabbed zero reply, labeled as careers and got assured these people were working away at completing my personal purchase (fourteen days ago).a?

A user addressing this document echoed the belief, exclaiming, a?I became a style 2 manager a month agoaI spoken to support service because I do think simple front vision is a touch distorted and watch when they can put it back nonetheless they have gotnat sent me in return.a?

But is definitely worth finding these particular customer experiences are placed to Reddit 11 days previously as soon as the service was a student in a situation of changeover. And as usual, responses comprise broken down with one consumer replying, a?I ordered a barrela3 weeks ago and I also started using it within weekly while the web site stated it had been attending capture four weeks.a?

In terms of concessions are worried, Stag questions clients to expect a 2-3 month running time before concessions include granted.


Probably in reaction to a couple of for the customers claims on the very long lag time on commands, Stag is marketing the company’s fast Ship webpage in a slideshow on the homepage.

Be aware of, however, that not all of their treatments can be found from the fast transport web page. But people who are generally ship within two working days. Individuals are encouraged to strike in the discount code FAST AND absolve to quickly obtain free delivery at browse.

Fast boat merchandise add in the company’s constructors designs and also the Stag 10 Upper/Lower Combo.

Stag Body Bargains

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Stag hands once in a while provides their clients lower prices. Since May try nationwide recording Sporting events calendar month, they are presently offering clientele a 20per cent off discount on all non-sale products. Additionally they create American Summer Giveaways which are worth just as much as $2,200.

Stag body online codes can also be found through a number of internet sites. Hotdeals offers a 60per cent off Stag body promotional signal for August 2017. Obviously, the greater the common vary are 10% or twenty percent like for example happening of Offersas 20 percent off signal for AR-15 greater halves.

Stag Hands Fame

Stag body bring garnered a stronger road representative with most customers providing them with a four-star ranking and multiple website blogs bragging regarding their great services remarkable support.

One website member submitted a line asking fellow members for good excellent never to purchase an AR-15 from Stag hands as well answers happened to be almost unanimous and only the manufacturer.

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